Floats by SEP

Southeastern pump has a complete line of liquid level float switches in stock for use in municipal, commercial, and residential applications. Our floats are custom made in the USA by Anchor Scientific based on our specifications.


The ROTO-FLOAT is single pole mercury switch that actuates when the float is horizontal and deactuates when the liquid level falls 1″ below the actuation level. The float is a chemical resistant polypropylene casing which is encapsulated to form a completely watertight and impact resistant unit. It has a built in weight and can be mounted on a support pipe or suspended from above. The ROTO-FLOAT are low cost, simple, and reliable.


The Mini-Floats is a pilot duty devices designed for small diameter sumps and spaces. Mini-Floats are ideal for both automatic pump control and alarm signaling devices. Generally, two Mini-Floats are needed for a one-pump operation and three for a two-pump operation. Mini-Floats can be mounted on a support pipe or suspended. Options include 10, 15, 25 feet cable lengths and Normally Open or Normally Closed.


The Solo-Float is a direct acting float switch for controlling up to 1-1/2 HP pumps. The Solo-Float uses a metal ball rolling back and forth in a tube to actuate a reliable, snap-action switch. The Solo-Float includes a discharge pipe mount and by varying the tether length, a pumping range of 8″-14″ can be achieved. The Solo-Float is available with a 115V or 230V piggyback or a blunt cut for wiring to a control panel. Solo-Float can be used in a variety of liquid including sumps, sewage ejectors, septic tanks, vaults and tanks. The corrosion resistance of the materials used in its construction also make the Solo-Float a good choice for many corrosive applications.


The Eco-Float is a mercury-free float switch for controlling liquid levels in a variety of applications including sumps, sewage ejectors, septic tanks, vaults, lift stations and tanks. A snap-action switch is activated by a steel ball rolling back and forth within a switching tube inside the plastic float. There is a minimum differential between “on” and “off” of approximately 3.5 inches. Greater differentials can be achieved when the pipe mounted or externally weighted mounting styles are used. Various lengths of cable and circuit configurations styles are available. Note that some applications may be subject to additional requirements per the National Electric Code.


The ROTO-FLOAT-SST is a direct acting switch for applications including Sewage Lift Stations, High Pressure Tanks, Long Life Applications and Severe Environments.

Designed and constructed for long life in demanding applications. The Roto-Float-SST is a single pole mercury switch available in a normally open or closed configuration that will actuate or deactuate with changes in fluid level. The mercury switch contained in a #316 stainless steel Teflon® coated housing, then encapsulated in epoxy, forming an impact and corrosion resistant unit. The cable is #14, 3 conductor SO jacketed 105 strands giving extra flexibility. Included is a mounting clamp for mounting to a 1” pipe. An optional #316 stainless steel pipe stabilizing brackets for mounting the pipe is available and designated “WSTB”.

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