Control Panels and Accessories

When it comes to control panels, accessories, and float switches, having the right equipment is crucial for efficient and reliable operation.

The Control Panel is your key to controlling and monitoring the operation of your entire pumping system. Control panels are the command center for all system components. With proper planning and design, we help you maximize the efficiency and reliability of your entire system.

Float Switches are essential devices that detect liquid levels. They consist of a buoyant float attached to a switch mechanism. When the liquid reaches a certain level, the float rises or falls, triggering the switch to activate or deactivate specific functions. This functionality is particularly useful in applications such as sump pumps, water tanks, or wastewater treatment systems.

At Southeastern Pump we supply Controls that meet your needs, with many standard configurations in stock. Our partnership with several of the industry’s leading manufacturers allows us to provide the highest quality products, expert integration, and continuous superior service.

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