Crane Mobile Chopper Demo

The Barnes Sithe Chopper Pump demo trailer is a great way to see first hand how a submersible chopper pump works, without all the mess! The presentation features a Barnes Envie3 dry-pit chopper pump, powered by a generator, connected to a 75 gallon tank which is filled with clean water. Everyday household items that often find themselves into the wastewater collection stream are then introduced into the tank and the Sithe Chopper Pump does the rest.

Our technical trainers are pump industry experts that can answer all your questions and will show you why the Barnes Sithe Chopper Pump is a cut above the competition!

Additionally, the Sithe Demo presentation is now certified by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers for PDH (Professional Development Hours) credits, making it a fun and informative way to satisfy your team’s continuing education requirements. Discussions topics include:

  • Industry Changes and Trends
  • New Technology and Equipment
  • Existing Solutions
  • Solids Handling Methods
  • Future Industry Outlook
  • Live Demo of Pump Solution

Suggested attendees include Municipalities, Regulators, Consulting Engineers, and Service Providers that maintain, operate, or design wastewater collection systems.

Contact Southeastern Pump today to schedule a demonstration and find out why the Sithe Chopper Pump with Envie3 technology is setting the standard for submersible wastewater pumps!

Envie3 – Where Versatility Meets Performance

The Barnes and Deming Envie3 air filled motor platform is where versatility meets performance. With multiple application configurations, the envie3 air filled motors provide superior chopper pump and non-clog performance with high efficiency! 

SITHE by Barnes – Power that is Absolute

SITHE by Barnes – Cutting Edge Chopper Pump

Envie3 Demonstrations

Get to know the Barnes and Deming envie3: Assembly cell, accessory offering, & chopping demo

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