Pinnacle-Flo pumps serve virtually every industry from agriculture and power generation to mining and Water Treatment. Their product line-up includes:

Self-Priming Pumps (trash pumps)

They are easily operated and serviced. Maintenance can be completed quickly and easily because they are designed to run high and dry above the water level. These pumps are direct replacements for Gorman-Rupp Standard T, Gorman-Rupp Super T and Gorman-Rupp Super U Series. They will bolt right up without any modification. This is a high quality competitively priced alternative making it a serious alternative to consider.

Pinnacle 8896 Ansi Process Pumps

The PINNACLE – FLO 8896 ANSI Process Pump is designed primarily for the chemical & process industries, which have a variety of corrosive process conditions. These are ANSI B73.1 pumps and can be used as a direct replacement for a Gould 3196 or a Durco Style Pump. They are available at a competitive price, making them a serious consideration.

Internal Gear Pumps

Pinnacle-Flo’s Buffalo Series Internal Gear Pump Series is designed around the flexibility and ease of maintenance for industrial-duty applications for high temperatures up to 800 Degrees F and flows up to 300GPM with pressures up to 200PSI. The Buffalo Series can be a direct replacement or alternative to a Viking 4124A or Viking 4195.

Air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) Pump

The Pinnacle-Flo Blue Dog series air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump is ideal for a wide range of applications, including corrosive and abrasive fluid transfer. Typical applications include drum fluid transfer, unloading fluids, chemical evacuation, ceramic glaze supply, dewatering and sump evacuation and repackaging of fluids from original container to smaller receptacles. These pumps are a great alternative to a Viking 4124A and 4195 AODD pump.

Centrifugal Mud Pumps

The Pinnacle-Flo 2500/3500 centrifugal (Mud Pumps) is a heavy-duty pump to be used solve pumping challenges is some of the harshest applications. The 2500 series has been engineered for the toughest jobs in drilling, production, well-servicing, and industrial applications. The 3500 series is ideally suited for pumping high volumes of heavy slurries that are abrasive, corrosive, or just plain tough to pump. The 3500 series 14x12x22 and 12x10x23 can deliver flow rates from 3000 – 7500 gpm at 75 – 410 feet of head at low speeds.

Whether you are looking for a Pinnacle-Flo pump, a direct Gorman-Rupp Standard T or Super T replacement alternative, an AODD pump, an alternative to a Viking 4124A and 4195 or need an ANSI pump or direct replacement alternative to a Gould 3196 or Durco Style we can help.

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